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Alright, I have a few ground rules for this blog before I jump in. The first is that I won’t just write over and over again, “The Celtics are a much better basketball team than the Hawks”. That would be incredibly boring for both you and me, while also being way too easy of an argument. The second thing I will not do is talk about how the Hawks are a .500 team on the season and the Celtics have the second-best record in the East. Again, way too obvious of a stat and you don’t want me to talk about the obvious reasons why the Celtics are a much better basketball team than the Hawks because you already know these things. With all that being said, here’s why the Celtics are going to mercy-rule the Hawks.

Let’s talk about Atlanta first shall we? The Atlanta Hawks are a team that had huge aspirations headed into this season. They brought in Dejounte Murray for a giant bag over the summer, and it seemed like a great move. Pair up one of the best offensive guards in the league named Trae Young with one of the best defensive guards in the league. And it’s worked about as well as the roads of Foxboro do right before Patriots home games. This team has looked disjointed at best since the first tip-off of the season. And no one knows why. The Hawks are hoping beyond hope that it’s a coaching issue with the firing of Nate McMillan, but who really knows why this team can’t put it together. They have all the stats to be successful, Trae Young is averaging a 27 points double-double, Dejounte Murray has over 20 points per game alongside 1.5 steals, and the Hawks starting center Clint Capela has been averaging a double-double himself in points and rebounds. They just are not good at playing with each other apparently.

You know what team does not have that problem? Your very own Boston Celtics. They have chemistry out of the wazoo. From bulling Grant Williams all the time, to Al Horford being the father of the team, to Jayson and Jaylen playing iso ball in the All-Star game. This team loves playing together. And they should love playing together because they are an elite-level basketball team. When they are firing on all cylinders they are beating teams like the Pheonix Suns 125-98. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown may be the most deadly one-two punch in the NBA right now. That is not an exaggeration, that is a fact. They are averaging 30 and 26 points per game respectively while giving you a steal or better per game and 7 boards or better each game. They’re better than you both offensively and defensively. Not to mention Marcus Smart is still doing Marcus Smart things like averaging 1.5 steals per game and almost 7 assists per game. And when Al and Timelord are both down in the paint with Derrick White and Malcolm Brogdon coming off the bench. Straight up forget about it. This team is unstoppable. 

Let’s all come together and agree on the basic truths of life. The Celtics are better than the Hawks this year. So support your Boston Celtics, and take the Celtics over the Hawks when you sign up today with BetMGM and get $1,000 In bonus bets paid back if you don’t win!


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Written by Warren Loukota

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