If You’re In New York Bet $2,000 Risk-Free For The Conference Championships

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole, and until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets. And if you’re in NY, we’ve partnered with PointsBet to bring you a no-brainer way to start your bankroll.

Claim your $2k:

  • Click this link
  • Click Signup and Select New York
  • Register and deposit $$
  • Receive up to $500 back if your first fixed odds bet loses, and receive up to $1,500 back if your first PointsBetting Wager loses.

My Picks:

Rams vs. 49ers: What a game from Matthew Stafford. Coming from a guy that live bet the Bucs down twenty-four points, I haven’t been that impressed with a performance since the first time I saw what Riley Reid was capable of doing with her mouth. The 49ers, on the other hand, shocked the world by beating the Packers. Much like an SAE in a group project, Jimmy G continues to advance in life while making poor decisions and rarely contributing. The 49ers have won the last six matchups against the Rams. So, naturally, Sean McVay will have to make some adjustments as CBS tortures WFT fans with the graphic that shows that both of these extremely talented coaches were once employed in Washington. Vegas likes the Rams -3.5, but I think they will win by at least a touchdown. Aside from an almost devastating fumble, Cam Akers has looked phenomenal in his triumphant return, and I trust Matt Stafford way more than I trust Jimmy G. As long as the Rams can win in the trenches, something they struggled with the last time these two teams played, they will win by a convincing margin. Regardless of the outcome, bet up to $2k risk-free on this game.

Chiefs vs. Bengals: The Bengals give me autistic homecoming queen Cinderella team vibes. Despite being under more pressure than a guy fighting over an airplane armrest with Lizzo, the Bengals have miraculously done more in two games than the Cowboys franchise has done in twenty-five years. Truly hilarious stuff. On the other hand, the Chiefs are legitimately unfair. My friend that bet Bills’ Moneyline is back on antidepressants after one of the worst beats I’ve ever seen. This game is essentially David v. Goliath. Vegas likes the Chiefs by a touchdown, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with them. The Chiefs secondary is working about as effectively as a certain shot I was required to get before signing up for classes this year, and I cannot have Jackson Mahomes twerking at the Super Bowl. America just can’t have that right now. I’m going with the Bengals, the team of destiny.

Regardless, get your 2 Risk-Free Bets up to $2,000 before the casinos swallow each other whole.

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