Join My Vig-It League To Win $250

We know each other pretty well at this point.

I’ve made over 100 videos littered with offensive jokes, and you guys have pretended that you don’t mind my clearly broken nose.

Anyway, TFM bought this app called Vig-It, and I want you guys to sign up and join my league. I’m giving the winner $250 to straight their Venmo.

The way the app works is simple. It’s fantasy for sports betting. Essentially, you bet using fake coins and whoever has the most coins at the end of the month wins the league. It’s an easy way to teach people how to gamble, see where the action is if you want to put real money on a game, and see how your friends are at betting without consequences.

The reason I’m paying you? Well, my bosses need people to download the app. Let’s give it a whirl and see how lucky you fuckers are.Joining my league is simple.

  1. Download Vig-It on the app store
  2. Hit “Join Existing League” (shown in picture)
  3. Enter “tfm” as the password
  4. Place bets

Easy, breezy, beautiful. I’ll pay the winner three Mondays from now. Let’s get it going. League starts with Thursday Night Football.

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