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UK vs Georgia Game Analysis:

The Kentucky Wildcats kick off week 6 of football facing the best team in the nation right now, the Georgia Bulldogs. Right now, Georgia has the best team in the league and has had this status for 2 years now. They are back to back national champions and are looking for a third win in a row. Kirby Smart has shown what it takes to win so this game will be a challenging one for Kentucky. Both teams are 5-0 so only one will come out still undefeated. 

As of right now Kentucky is shocking the nation and is a really good and well developed team. Last week they played the Florida Gators and won 33-14. This was shocking because Florida always has a good team and the fact that they beat them was a huge shock but also a huge win for them. Although their quarterback had piss running down his leg and going 9/20 with passing attempts, running back Re’Mahn Davis had an incredible game and carried the weight of the quarterback’s terrible performance. Davis rushed for 280 yards and had 3 touchdowns and he also had 1 receiving touchdown. Davis was putting up Christian McCaffrey numbers in this game and was looking like an absolute champ. Although they are a pretty good team all around they are going to need to do a lot better in this game in order to keep their status as undefeated.

I’m not too sure where to start on Georgia’s football team. They are way too good and have been a juggernaut team for the last 2 years and they are continuing their reputation this season. Last week they took a 27-20 win over another great school, Auburn. Carson Beck, the quarterback, threw for 313 yards and had 1 touchdown. Other good offensive players in this game were Daijun Edwards who had 2 touchdowns and 76 rushing yards, and Brock Bowers who had 157 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. Being at home the Bulldogs are going to have the advantage in this game and are going to do what Georgia always does. 

This game is going to be an interesting game on both sides of the field. This game is not easy to decide who is going to come out undefeated but it will be a battle and both teams are going to put up a fight. Kirby Smart has many talents and has shown how good of a coach he is.

Louisville vs. Notre Dame Game Analysis:

My goodness, do I love a ranked matchup. 25th-ranked Louisville is going head-to-head with 10th-ranked Notre Dame and I will be watching every second of it. Not only can either team win this, but both teams are going to need to win this. Notre Dame has only lost to one of the best teams in football this season Ohio State, and Louisville is still undefeated. Louisville is going to be looking to make a run up the leaderboard with another win this weekend while Notre Dame is gonna be trying their best to make the Ohio State loss their only loss.

Louisville has a better record than Notre Dame this year. Now having said that, Louisville hasn’t yet had to play the likes of Ohio State, so who knows what their record would be if they did. However, they have taken care of business the way they’re expected to, and if Notre Dame doesn’t come ready to brawl they’re going to get beat up. Jack Plummer has been an aerial assailant throwing for about 1400 yards and 11 touchdowns already this season. The Fighting Irish better be game-planning to get a blitz going because if they let him get rolling it may be lights out. The issue with throwing your defensive line at the quarterback is he can just hand the ball off to his elite running back and boom, he’s got a touchdown. Because yes, Jawhar Jordan has also been that good this season.

The Fighting Irish have been formidable in their own right though. The most amount of points they have let up all season has been 24, and that was in a blowout win against NC State. Besides Notre Dame’s defense though, Sam Hartman has been a beast. He’s also thrown for his own 1400 yards, and 11 touchdowns, but his stats have come with no picks. If we are talking about Notre Dame though, then I would be remiss not to mention the absolutely lethal runningback this team has in Audric Estime. He has a legitimate chance to be a first-round pick so Louisville better bring their run-defense pants.


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