Meet The Oracle: A Football Handicapper Who Hits 62% Of The Time

The sports betting industry is out of hand. Kevin Hart and Ben Affleck are on your TV every two minutes, promotion offers change weekly, and everyone and their Mother claims to have the best handicapper in the world. The whole industry is overwhelming, and finding someone that hits the fifty-one percent mark on their picks is nearly impossible…until now.

We have partnered with BeerLife Sports (original, I know) to bring you The Oracle. The Oracle is a man whose algorithm hits on bets at a higher clip than Steph Curry’s three-point percentage. Over the last decade, the guy is 62% against the spread, and he’s been kicked off several sports books. He’s a former D-1 Quality Control Assistant (Northwestern, Toledo) with a B.A. in Economics and M.S. in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. He maintains an end-to-end football game projection model and is a film junkie who breaks down the tape of every NFL game. He’s the Billy Beane of sports betting, and he’s here to help you beat the books. But…how?

Well, you need to be a real sports betting junkie- the type of guy who lives on his phone and obsesses over football. He texts all of his clients PRIVATELY, with a slate of games. It looks something like this:

He will actively answer your questions and update you on how his community is doing on the year. This last Saturday if someone was to have bet $1k a unit with his picks, they would have woken up on Sunday up $13,000. Don’t believe me?

Will your girlfriend love it when you switch the documentary she’s watching to the New Mexico State game because you have five units on it? Probably not. Will you make money BETTING on sports with him? Absolutely.

To make things even better, we are giving you TWO FREE WEEKS + 80% off your FIRST MONTH! Click here to get signed up and join us in making some serious money this football season!

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