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Monday on TFM Bets: A Magic Conch Pick and Trouble in Paradise Over MNF?

Whether you’re trying to make money by fading Trent or pay for your drinks with Mikey’s Thursday night plays, TFM Bets has you covered. New episodes come out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so tune in!

It’s another Monday episode of TFM Bets, which means the fellas started off the pod with some NFL recap. They absolutely hammered all the favorites for the Saturday NFL slate, and the pod didn’t miss. Despite being up a million, Matt Ryan proved that he’s one of the most iconic losers in NFL history – the wrong side of the biggest comeback in both NFL history and Super Bowl history. Bozo.

It kept rolling on Sunday, and Mikey made it clear that if anyone faded the pod’s picks, they’re now totally in the mud. It was a surgical session to give the boys a fully greened out goblin after the Sunday slate. Unfortunately for Trent, Justin Tucker cost him $15k after not hitting the over on his field goals – an absolutely brutal beat for the Fade God.

Are the Eagles and Vikings both frauds after close games to the Bears and Colts this past weekend? Was the last play of the Patriots game the worst in NFL history? The boys discuss this, get into a Magic Conch pick, and, for the first time on the pod, they truly disagree over a bet, which begs the question: Has Trent given his fade juju to Mikey or should we still be staying far, far, far, far away from anything that Trent picks.

Tune into today’s episode to see what else the fellas get into wherever watch your podcasts and check ‘em out on TikTok, too. Watch TFM Bets here!

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