Ontario, Sports Betting is Live, Here Are The Best Games To Bet On With Caesar’s

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. You can now legally bet on sports in Ontario and there is no better way to get started than Caesar’s.

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Maple Leafs v. Panthers

Game Time: April 5th, 7:00pm EST
Betting Spread: Panthers -1.5

If you’re a Maple Leafs fan, first and foremost, I am truly sorry for the pain you have had to endure over the years. For those who don’t know, they have been on the longest drought between Stanley Cups in history, (54 years) and on top of that they haven’t won a playoff series in 16 years. As a St. Louis Blues fan we had to wait 51 years for a Stanley Cup, so I feel your pain. The Maple Leafs have been having a solid year in a tough division, but they are going to have to keep it up because there is a tight race between them, Boston, and Tampa Bay for the last two spots in the division. The Leafs have been hot as of late, and are starting to catch their stride at the right time. Now don’t get me wrong, the Leafs have had a good year, but the Panthers have had an even better year. They are currently first in the Atlantic, and have already clinched a playoff spot. Florida has won 4 games in a row and is looking to keep rolling into the playoffs. That being said, I am taking the Maple Leafs. They need this game more, and they have already beaten the Panthers this year. But with this offer there is no need to sweat, because we are all going to win. So let’s just sit back and enjoy some hockey.

Raptors v. Hawks

Game Time: April 5th, 7:30pm EST
Betting Spread: Raptors -4

The Raptors are rolling their way into the playoffs, and with the likely possibility they will go against the Bucks or the Sixers, it couldn’t be a better time to be hot. Toronto has won five of their last six, with their only loss coming against Kyle Lowry on a night where he was celebrated, and a statue with the proportions of his butt all wrong was unveiled. This season, there have been two big storylines for the Raptors: their defensive improvement and Scottie Barnes. The beginning of the season saw Toronto in the NBA’s bottom five defensive units (ranked on defensive rating), and now? The Raptors have surged into the top ten! Two days ago, an anonymous NBA exec praised Toronto’s rookie Scottie Barnes, deeming him “the most impactful rookie” in the league.

While it’s almost guaranteed that the Hawks will find themselves in the play-in-game (a stupid rule that shouldn’t still be in effect), Toronto could clinch a playoff spot with a few wins this week. The Raptors have too much to play for and switch too well on defense to lose at the hands of Trae Young (who once got my formal date’s phone number at a club- F*** you, Trae Young). Take Toronto.

Regardless of what happens in the games, we’re all still winners with Caesar’s Welcome Offer!

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