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My Pick:

After freeing us from a Mahomes’ family Super Bowl full of twerking and Tik Toks, my only worry for Joe Burrow is that if he keeps winning at this pace he may develop cancer from these victory Cigars. And as gutsy of a win as that was for Cincinnati, the Rams deserve all the credit in the world for the performances they have put on the last two games. On paper, LA is a much better team. Which is why Vegas likes the Rams -4.5, but I disagree with them. Von Miller and Aaron Donald going up against an offensive line more depleted than the silicon in a plastic surgeon’s office after the Kardashian’s come in for an appointment seems scary; however, the Bengals have carried themselves with a sort of irrational confidence that reminds me of the ’08 New York Giants.

Last Sunday, we saw the Bengals’ bottom ten pass defense put a cap on America’s most explosive air-raid attack since WWII in Patrick Mahomes and company. Most of the time, playoff football isn’t about who runs a faster forty or hand size (just ask the litany of 5’9 white guys polishing their rings in New England). Playoff football is about the intangibles, so when Joe Burrow walks into SoFi stadium with a turtleneck and a popped chain, I see no way the Bengals lose this game. Who Dey!

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