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Philly must win on Sunday

Philadelphia must win this Sunday, I simply cannot handle another Jackson Mahomes celebratory Tik Tok dance, or a Brittany Mahomes-style unhinged, entitled outburst. For once I need the NFL scriptwriters to do the right thing and let the good guys win, I need to see videos of raunchy, crazy Philadelphia sports unbelievably heinous things in celebration on my feed Monday morning. The Eagles are truly America’s team this Sunday. The Chiefs are the evil empire and nothing would make me happier than seeing anybody and everybody wearing red crying and screaming at the sky come this Sunday. The last time the Eagles were in the big game they took down TB12 and the Pats, and ran one of the most iconic plays of all time so I have immense amounts of faith that they will be able to slay the Chiefs and get the job done. The Eagles have an opportunity this Sunday to take the title of America’s Team from the cowboys and I believe in their ability to make the Mahomes family cry. I will be hammering the Philly money line, go birds all the way baby.

Written by GI Josh

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