Raiders Of Sin City: Previewing The First Monday Night Game

Tonight is the end of week one. We had great games in Chiefs vs. Browns, da Bears were once again shitty and let us down for the Sunday night game, and Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyers realized that the NFL is a lot harder than college. The nightcap for week one is Ravens vs. Raiders. Jon Gruden is in year 3 of his 10-year contract that is more impressive than the super senior who is still in school after 7 years.

Last year the Ravens were a bigger disappointment in the playoffs than you, who only lasted 15 seconds in bed last night. Lamar Jackson still doesn’t know how to throw when the bright lights are on. I don’t know if he will get over the hump, but during the regular season, Baltimore is a powerhouse. In the last two years, Baltimore is 25-7. They win during the regular season, and this is what will happen tonight. The Ravens have the advantage on both sides of the ball tonight. As of right now, the line is -3.5 Ravens; last year, the Ravens went 11-7 against the spread. On the other hand, Vegas went 8-8 against the spread, and their overall record was 8-8. Jon Gruden and Derek Carr fully believe that C’s get degrees. In the two full years that Gruden has coached for Vegas, they have missed out on the playoffs.

Remember how I said that Lamar couldn’t throw when the big lights were shined on him? This won’t be an issue tonight. The Raiders last year finished with the 25th ranked defense against the pass. While during the regular season, Baltimore ranked 32nd in passing yards but 1st in rushing yards. The Raider’s defense wasn’t exactly a stone wall last year as they were ranked 24th in rushing yards allowed. I know that every running back and their brother is hurt for the Ravens, but my fat ass could run for 100 yards with that offensive line and play-calling. Not in one run though, I would be winded after 14 yards.

Lamar Jackson and the offense might be the flash, but the Ravens are built on a great defense. Last year the Ravens defense finished 4th overall defense, and the Raiders offense wasn’t a barn burner since they finished with the 21st overall offense. I know that was last year, and this is a new year, but teams tend to repeat. The Raiders are still led by Derek Carr, who I don’t trust at all, and they added some firepower on defense, but not enough to matter. The Ravens are still going to dominate in the regular season, and they are going to start with tonight’s game in Las Vegas. Every game is important to the Ravens since the AFC North will be great with the Steelers and Browns both being playoff contenders. I’m going to try and stop the bleeding by taking the Ravens -3.5.

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