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Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Apps are trying to swallow each other whole this time of year, and until that happens, we all get the chance to put more money in our pockets.

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What is 1v1Me?

Picture this. It’s the dog days of summer. The only sport on is baseball, your parents are hounding you to get another job on the weekends, but all you want to do is hop on 2k or Madden and run some games with your friends, or just kick some ass solo. You remember running wagers on Call of Duty when you were a kid? Why not do the same with the games you know and love today? This is where 1v1Me comes in.

1v1Me is an app that allows you to stake real money on the games you love to play and watch. Not only can you host wagers against random people from around the country, but you can also stake money on the outcomes of games between your favorite streamers! Everyone has a game they brag to all of their friends they’re the best at, but now you can put that skill to use and test your gaming abilities while making some money. While there is always a risk involved, winning users have made hundreds, even up to thousands of dollars using 1v1Me.

The best part is, if you have a dominant crew you can squad up and play together against other teams! 1v1Me offers games like 2k, Madden, Fifa, Call of Duty and more, supporting all different types of game modes for both solo players and teams.

Sign up today and 1v1Me will give you $10 in free wagers to help you get started. While this is a fun way to make some money, there is always risk. Be responsible, be smart, and go win some fucking money. Click here to join now!

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Written by Ben Mulry

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