Sign Up During the NBA Playoffs & Double Your Bet Instantly With Edge Boost

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Sports Betting Apps are trying to swallow each other whole this time of year, and until that happens, we all get the chance to put a little more money in our pockets. Offer is up for a limited time only!

Claim this offer using EdgeBoost now if you sign up before the NBA Finals start:

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What is Edge Boost Sports?

In your early twenties, you will work odd jobs, have expenses you weren’t prepared for, and buy drinks for women who will turn their back on you the second the tequila touches their tongue. If we were all perfect, we would stay in every weekend and start saving money towards a house, but nobody wants to do that because, well… it’s boring. Many of us need a little something to take the edge off after a long work week with grueling hours, and there’s nothing wrong with that. For some people, that’s some beers while watching the game; for others, a joint to ease the mind; and for a select but growing few, gambling. This is where EDGE Boost comes in.

Edge Boost is an app that permits you to take out a responsible, no-interest advance that you can use to bet on games of your choice on their platform and is also a VISA Partner. You are then given four weekly installment payments to repay your loan, but if your wager hits, the profit is yours minus a small fee. Think of it like a credit card that lets you take a small loan out with no interest. They want you to win because your fee is the only way they’re making money. So let’s say you work a job where you get paid on a bi-weekly basis, and between rent, your gym membership, and other bills, you don’t have the money to place a small bet you’re confident in, they will lend you the fifty dollars to get that done. If the bet doesn’t hit, you have more than a month to pay them back without building interest. If it hits, you can afford to buy a drink at the bar or reinvest into another bet. Once you become a consistent user who has paid back your loans on time, EDGE Boost will let you take bigger, more high-risk loans out.

Folks, we haven’t even gotten to the best part. Much like the biggest girl at a bachelorette party in Nashville, this app wants you…badly (I think some wealthy angel investors may have stuffed their pockets with cash). Join EDGE Boost during the NBA Playoffs, and they will match your deposits to leading sportsbooks so that you can bet with more and amplify your wins. Let’s review what I’ve told you so far:

You can take a small loan to place a bet you’re confident in on their platform.

You get a month to pay the loan back.

They won’t let you take out too much credit until you’ve proven yourself because they want responsible gamblers on their platform.

Why do they want responsible gamblers on their platform? Because they don’t charge interest, meaning they only make money by taking a small fee when you win. Which is why…they want winners.

They will double any deposit made with DraftKings, FanDuel, and almost every other sportsbook.

Sounds pretty good to me. Be responsible, be smart, and win some fucking money. Click here to join now!

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