Take the Packers with Triple the Spread

Niners vs Packers.

As if Sunday Night Football wasn’t already exciting enough, we got ourselves an absolute BANGER of a game with an awesome betting opportunity which looks FREE money.

Thanks to our partners at WynnBET, there is a betting offer that is literally the equivalent of winning free money: Triple the Spread. For this game, you have the opportunity to triple the spread in favor of the Packers. That’s right, what was originally the Packers getting 3.0 points is now 10.5 points, and the odds are CRAZY good for those taking the Packers to cover 10.5.

The Undefeated San Francisco 49ers are hosting the always deadly Green Bay Packers. The reason I say always deadly is that as long as Aaron Rodgers is alive and playing quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, that team is like a coiled viper. Sure, maybe you can step on it and beat it a few times, but if you let your guard down while you’re hanging around a coiled viper, you’re going to get killed. 

As if he even needed a reason to prove to people that he is still very much THE MAN, Rodgers absolutely torched the Detroit Lions last Monday night, raking in an effortless four touchdowns while only throwing five incompletions the whole game. 

But the 49ers are not the Lions. This game is the home opener for a very thorough 49ers squad, a team fueled by a powerful run-game and crippling pass rush. But this matchup is more than just a recipe for a good game. It represents a possible playoff picture featuring two teams that could very well win the Superbowl. 

Vegas thinks the 49ers will win this game (49ers -3.0).

I do too.

I think the Packers are always going to be a deadly team, but the 49ers possess such a great pass rush that will force Rodgers to be on the move all game. Not exactly the best foundation for success. Rodgers will still make some big plays, Davante Adams will still haul in a lot of balls, but that relentless 49ers defensive line will be the game changer. The Packers also just don’t have a solid defense currently, so the 49ers will have no problem running it down their throats and executing on 3rd Downs.

While I think the 49ers will win, I’m still uneasy about taking them to cover. 

But I don’t have to.

I’m taking the Packers and the points using the Triple the Spread promotion with WynnBET.

The reason I call this winning free money is that while I believe the 49ers will win the game, Aaron Rodgers will certainly not get blown out on national television in the San Francisco Bay Area, his home region. This is familiar territory for him and he’s been embarrassed by the 49ers before and he was already embarrassed in the first game of this season… so I don’t think we will see another embarrassment for him anytime soon.

Take the bet. Aaron Rodgers will not lose by more than 10 points. Hell, I could be wrong about the 49ers to the point that Rodgers could win the Pack the game. Which means that you’d cover regardless. 

Sign up with WynnBET and take the Packers +10.5 in Triple the Spread. There shouldn’t be any hesitation. Unless of course you don’t like free money.

Written by Henry Marken

I lost my pinky finger at age 4, but then found it again at a soup kitchen when I was 15. Survivor of a wild turkey attack (2008). I went to the University of Phoenix before it was cool to do college online. Currently in a lawsuit with Crayola after a devastating purple crayon incident.

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