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This Might Be The Most Bills Mafia Wedding Ever As A Guy Gets Slammed Through A Table

I can already foresee how the internet will react to this. What a bunch of losers, you’re going to let drunk idiots ruin your special day; the Bills are really that important to you wear; you all need to wear a Buffalo jersey. Fuck all of those people who live and die by what’s said on Twitter; this is amazing. Fans are psychos; hand up. I’m 1000% a psycho when it comes to the Eagles. If your wife and friends are down to turn a wedding into a Bills Mafia outing fuck it; do whatever makes you happy.

Bills Mafia is one of the greatest fan bases in the country. When the Bills sucked, who was there? Bills Mafia. When you couldn’t attend games who was watching every second of the game in their living rooms? Bills Mafia. Who had an insane ritual that made kickers miss field goals? Bills Mafia.

Bills Mafia has so much to celebrate right now. They dethroned the almighty gods that are the Patriots for the title of the AFC East. They won a playoff game for the first time in 15 years. They made it all the way to the AFC Conference Championship. Bills Mafia is allowed to back inside stadiums. Tailgating is back. Wait, a Bills Mafia tailgate I have to throw in a compilation video.

2021 is going to be the year for Buffalo. The future is bright with Josh Allen, and last year was hopefully just the start for them. What better way to kick off a life full of love than have one of your friends be body slammed through a table? This couple will be watching Bills games together until they’re 80 and hopefully slamming their grandkids through tables. Bills, Mafia, and true love will never die.

Written by Mailman Dave

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