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This Week on TFM Bets: Trent Hits a Surgical Six (NOT FAKE), and Mikey Fears Primetime

Whether you’re trying to make money by fading Trent or pay for your drinks with Mikey’s Thursday night plays, TFM Bets has you covered. New episodes come out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so tune in!

This week, we get a recap on Trent’s first surgical six hit of the season – yeah, you read that right… he finally did it. The fellas dive into the biggest college football games of the season in USC vs. Utah and TCU vs. Kansas State – not a great start to the betting weekend for our boys. The NFL didn’t go as they’d planned either after they managed to bet the favorite in the only game on the NFL slate in which the dog got the victory (courtesy of Joe Brrrrrr).

The Legacy Game of the Cowboys vs. Colts brought the boys back in, though. With Mikey down more units than ever before, he looked to the Cowboys to get him outta the piss as Trent prayed on a Dallas victory after the Ravens, Eagles, Vikings, Raiders and 49ers had put him within one of a hit on the Surge Six. Boom. That locked in some green for ‘em and gave bettors everywhere the hope that they can get their units back.

To finish it off, Mikey and Trent contemplated whether or not the GOAT can clutch out a pick for the boys with a win on Primetime (Tom Brady is still a comeback master) and their other nukes for the week. Keep up with the boys wherever watch your podcasts and check ‘em out on TikTok, too.

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