Three Things To Consider When Making A College Football Bet

There is a lot to consider when betting on a game – the sides, the totals, injuries, weather, etc. This isn’t a fully comprehensive guide but some general tips on things to consider when betting on a College Football Game.

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Travel Schedule

Look, kids are resilient, most of the teams nowadays have the money and means to get players to road games in accommodations that many of us would be jealous of. That isn’t the component that gets me concerned. My concern is when a team has to change a time zone or has to travel multiple weeks in a row. In fairness, it is fairly rare that they have to have extended road trips but they do happen. I like to check and see where the team has been the last couple of weeks to see exactly what kind of toll the travel can take on them. If they just played a hard-fought game against a conference opponent away from home, they may come home against a bad team but overlook them and allow the other team to cover the spread. This is just something to consider when making a play.

Home Field Advantage

Similar to the travel schedule is just the overall home-field advantage. Some schools enjoy this much more than others, just like the pros. Last season, this was almost non-existent with so many teams not allowing fans to be in the stadium. Now, people are being allowed back (for the most part) and stadiums might be rocking like normal. Keep in mind, books already have added this consideration to their line. That doesn’t mean you can’t find an edge here. Maybe your numbers are showing that Tennessee at home is usually seven points better. (That would be a more extreme example, by the way.) The books may consider them only a 5.5 point better team at home. This would give you a bit of an edge. On the other side, you could find that the advantage added to the line is too high and that it doesn’t matter as much against a strong visiting opponent. Either way, look into this as college teams seem to get more of a push from screaming fans than professionals do.

Style of Play

This might be the biggest key to betting on college football in my opinion. Some teams are fairly predictable with their offense – they run the ball two times and hope for a close enough thrid down that they can run again or maybe pass. Other teams rely solely on the option and hope that the QB can make the correct decisions. Then teams run pro-style offenses that focus on getting the ball to playmakers and chunk yardage. This typically starts with evaluating the quarterback. If the guy has a great arm, the coach usually is smart enough to use him. If they are a run-first team, you better make sure that the offensive line is healthy and talented before ever considering an over. Once you establish what type of team they are, you can come up with an idea of how many possessions they should have in a game, and how many yards and points will be put up.

One last note, these are all pieces to the puzzle. There are numerous things to consider for one bet. Make sure you most of all know the rules of college before betting on it. Little things like the clock stopping on 1st downs as opposed to the NFL make a large difference when you’re betting.

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Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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