We Had Our First Oh Shit Moment In College Football When Ohio State Was Down To Minnesota Going Into The 2nd Half

I know that Ohio State won last night 45-31, but there were 2 and a half quarters where the Buckeyes were losing that game. Good teams cover spreads, and Ohio State failed to cover the spread last night. If you bet on Minnesota’s spread last night at Wynn Bet you’re a genius and much smarter than I am since I had Ohio State. In my mind, Ohio State should’ve easily beat Minnesota by more than 15 points; it’s Minnesota. It’s not like they are a powerhouse who is knocking on the playoffs. Last year they went 3-4, and in 2019 they went 11-2. Are they an every other year kind of team?

Last night Ohio State came out dominating, going up 10-0 by the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Then Minnesota came back in the 2nd quarter and scored back-to-back touchdowns. Ohio State took the lead back in the 3rd quarter, and most assumed alright Ohio State won’t look back now and give up the lead again. Minnesota scored a touchdown two minutes later and was back up. If you either had Minnesota Moneyline or are a fan of Minnesota, you were pumped, but that was the last time they had the lead. For the rest of the 3rd quarter and the 4th, they traded scores, but Ohio State took back the lead and didn’t give it up. Of course, the play where Ohio State took the lead was on a 56-yard bomb where Garret Wilson burned the safety like your drunk ass burns your fingers when you’re trying to light a cig at 4 in the morning.

After this touchdown, Ohio State’s defense needed to step up and stop Minnesota. Well, they did better than just stop; their defense scored a touchdown after Haskell Garret returned a 32-yard fumble. This is why Ohio State is always in the playoffs; if this was a different team, their defense would have given up another touchdown, and it would’ve been a shootout where it came to the last drive. Still, fuck them for not covering the spread.

For a majority of the gaame it was fun to watch Ohio State fans cry online, and give them shit. This why College Football is one of the great sports fans flip out when their team is losing to an inferior team and real tears are shed online. It’s also one of the greatest sports to gamble on and make sure you gamble at Wynn Bets.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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