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Wednesday on TFM Bets: The Magic Conch Returns!

Whether you’re trying to make money by fading Trent or pay for your drinks with Mikey’s Thursday night plays, TFM Bets has you covered. New episodes come out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so tune in!

On Monday, Fade God Trent fully gave up on his own ability to make a competent pick on a game and turned to what he calls “The Magic Conch.” Apparently, it went 11-3 picking NFL games this past weekend, and it hit for Monday Night, which means the guy’s going to keep going back to it until it fails. And why wouldn’t he? Some would say he’s a lot better off leaving the picks to anyone but himself.

Mikey’s a Jets fan, and because of that, he’s saying there’s no chance he rides with anyone else this Thursday night in their matchup against the Jags on primetime. Zach Wilson’s the starter right now, which left the conch unsure of who to pick when the fellas turned to it for wisdom. Mikey’s got faith in the New York defense, but he fears the Jags offense and the Jets ability to score points on offense. They’ll return to the conch as the game gets a bit closer to guide them into the right pick for Thursday.

The boys quickly digress into whether or not Trevor Lawrence would be a fun guy to go out with, which then leads into a full discussion over who the number one quarterback in the league would be to go out with for a night. Mikey immediately hit the Gardner Minshew answer with Jalen Hurts hurt for the week, but it seemed a bit of a cop out. Go Birds, though. Joe Brrrr as the follow-up is a strong pick from Mr. O’vers, while Trent decided to make a worse pick than most of his bets with Geno Smith if he wasn’t allowed to interrogate Brady for his GOAT Whale bet.

Tune into today’s episode to see what else the fellas get into wherever watch your podcasts and check ‘em out on TikTok, too. Watch TFM Bets here!

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