Were You A Dumbass And Missed A Free $100 Last Weekend? Don’t Worry The Promo Is Back For This Weekend

Last weekend Wynn Bet was offering to turn $1 into a $100 promo. Now you don’t need to hit some crazy 14 leg parlay to get this offer. All you need to do is bet $1 on a game, and if there’s a touchdown scored in that game, you win $100. Here are the details so you can take advantage of this great promo.

Remember you need to live in VA, IN, CO, TN, NJ, or AZ, to take advantage of this offer.

If I was a first-time depositor, this is what I would do. I would put $1 on one of the early college football games. Then I could have a free $100 to lose the rest of the day. Thinking I could turn that $100 into more money is wishful thinking. The earliest college games are at noon. We all know your hungover ass won’t be up before noon on Saturday. So take advantage of this offer before Saturday, and you’re kicking yourself in the ass for not only the dumb shit you did the night before when you were hammered but also for missing out on this promo.

There are some great games at the noon slate. One of the biggest games of the weekend is Arkansas vs. Georgia. Arkansas is undefeated and ranked 8th, and if they want any shot into the playoff, they need to upset 2nd ranked Georgia. Also, at noon we have UNC vs. Duke. This might not be a great rivalry like it is for basketball, but it’s two schools that have a deep hatred for each other. We have Charlotte vs. Illinois, Memphis vs. Temple, Michigan vs. Wisconsin, and Minnesota vs. Purdue in some lower-tier games.

I would jump all over the Arkansas vs. Georgia game. That will be a great game, and having the chance to win $100 will make the game even more exciting. Arkansas has scored 143 points this year and is riding high after their 20-10 victory over Texas A&M. Georgia has scored 168 points this year and just bent over Vanderbilt and gave them the no lube, sandpaper finish. They destroyed Vanderbilt 62-0. This will be Georgia’s first real test since week one, when they beat Clemson 10-3.

If you’re afraid that Arkansas vs. Georgia is going to be a defensive game, and you’re looking for two teams that score a shit ton of touchdowns, then Memphis vs. Temple is the game for you. So far this season, Memphis has scored 156 points, including a couple of shootout games. They won against Arkansas State 55-50 and won against Mississippi State 31-29. So not only do they score points, but they also give up a shit ton of points. Temple, on the other hand, has scored 103 points this year. But what’s more important is that their defense is super shitty they have allowed 120 points this year. There will be touchdowns scored this game, and lots of them, I can almost guarantee it.

If college football isn’t for you and you rather win $100 on NFL Sunday, well, don’t worry because this promo also works for football. I would again use this promo on the 1 o’clock game, so I have $100 to lose throughout the day. Some early games for this weekend are Browns vs. Vikings, Chiefs vs. Eagles, Lions vs. Bears, Panthers vs. Cowboys, and Texans vs. Bills.

The one game I would stay far away from is Lions vs. Bears. The Bears offense looks like a freshman who has just discovered jungle juice. Matt Nagy is drunk with power and is slowly torturing all Bears fans. The Lions aren’t a good team, but god damn, do they never die. They are the definition of work harder, not smarter. I know that the Bears are favored in this game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the offense sputtered out again and the Lions won.

We don’t care who wins or loses. We are here for this great promo. A game I would jump all over is the Cheifs vs. Eagles, and it’s not because the Eagles are my favorite team. The Chiefs have one of the greatest offenses, and the Eagles have shown their defense can give up a shit ton of points. The Cowboys, unfortunately, bent over the Eagles on Monday night and beat Philly 41-21. Maybe the Eagles offense can get back on track, but Hurts looked like a pile of shit on Monday, and the best thing to do with a deuce is to flush it and not look back at it.

The Panthers are a surprising 3-0, and did Sam Darnold need to leave New York to get away from the ghosts? The Cowboys offense has shown that they have some serious weapons. On the other hand, their defense needs some work, so there’s a great chance that they will score a touchdown and be able to give up some touchdowns. Their season will be a lot of shootouts which is great for this prop.

So, in conclusion, don’t be a dumbass and take advantage of this great prop.

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