Were You A Dumbass And Missed Out On An Easy $100? Don’t Worry The Greatest Prop Bet Is Back

Last night football was back, and god damn, was it glorious. The Bucs were up for the majority of the game, but it all came down to Tom Brady at the end of the 4th quarter. Of course, he led Tampa on a game-winning drive, and the motherfucker did it again. I loved the Bucs to win that game, and when Tom Brady had 1:30 left, down 1, I had no worries that he would win them the game. Tom Brady leading his team to a winning drive and getting blackout every Saturday are two things that everybody can count on. If you had the Bucs, spread as I did you cursed out Chris Godwin when he fumbled near the goal line, but if you were smart and took Wynn Bet’s $1 bet where you won $100 if either team scored a touchdown; you loved Godwin when he scored a touchdown with 5:27 left in the 1st quarter. That bet was easy money, almost as easy as the drug dealer at the local frat party. If you were dumb and didn’t take the bet, don’t worry. Wynn Bet is running it back this weekend in the Rams vs. Bears game. Here’s how you take advantage of this great bet.

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  2. Click “Promotions” on the menu and hit “Deposit Now” once seeing the “Bet $1 Win $100” offer. 
  3. Deposit at least $20
  4. Bet $1 or more on the Bears vs. Rams moneyline
  5. WIN AN EASY $100!

*Must be located in NJ, IN, TN, CO, or VA to place bet*

When you think of Da Bears, you think of great defense and a shitty offense. They aren’t the 85 Bears anymore, but they do have a great defense. It doesn’t matter how great of a defense you have. The chances of both teams not scoring a touchdown in the year 2021 is slim. The last time it happened was in 2018 when the Jaguars had 6 points, and the Colts had 0 points. The Bear’s offense has been a shit show for as long as I can remember, but the last time they were shut out was in 2015 against the Seahawks. That means that even with shitty Mitch, they weren’t shut out. For week one, head coach Matt Nagy said that Andy Dalton is starting even though they traded up for Justin Fields, and he’s the quarterback of the future. Andy Dalton was a decent quarterback for the Bengals for many years before turning into the backup for Dallas last year. Dalton was never a superstar but was solid. The last time he was shut out was in 2017, when he gave up four interceptions in a brutal loss to the Ravens.

They decided that Jared Goff wasn’t a good enough quarterback for the Rams and traded him away for Matthew Stafford. Last night on the broadcast, Chris Collinsworth said that he didn’t realize how great Stafford was since they don’t do many Sunday Night Lions games. Regardless of how many shitty wide receivers, coaches, Stafford was always rock solid for Detroit. The last time he was shut out in Detroit was last year, but before that, it was the first time in Stafford’s career he was shut out. Last year was a complete wash for the Lions, and I don’t hold that against Stafford. The Rams are coached by offensive genius Sean McVay. In his limited head coaching career, he has never been shut out; in the Super Bowl against the Patriots, it was the first time that he was shut out in the first half.

We have the stats behind us that prove the chances of this bet hitting is extremely high. Worse comes to worst you lose $1; you’re dumbass has drunkenly bought a loose cig for $1. Remember to sign up at Wynn Bet to get this amazing bet.

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