Why The Vols Will Upset UGA

The Dawgs are taking a bus over to Knoxville this weekend, where they look to steamroll a Tennessee team that JUSSST beat Kentucky last week. The experts love Georgia going to town on UT (the spread is 19.5), but I think not. If there was ever a time for the Vols to shock the world, it would be this weekend. My reasoning is not related to advanced statistical analysis or PFF predictions; it’s from common sense. As much as I love Atlanta sports fans, they have had too much good luck lately. The Braves won a World Series, UGA has been dominant, and the Falcons inexplicably didn’t blow their lead to the Saints last Sunday. I’m happy for Atlanta fans; however, I know that good things come in spurts for Atlanta. They are a poverty fanbase. God would never allow them to win a WS without their best player AND have UGA go undefeated this year. Girls with blue hair hate me, every time I walk into my Grandma’s house she’s watching Tucker Carlson, and Atlanta sports franchises blow big leads. That’s how the world works….

I’m seeing this game in my crystal ball, and it’s showing me flashbacks of Josh Dobbs rolling right, firing a hail mary, and Tennessee winning miraculously. That is what we are getting on Saturday. Don’t believe me? We got old UTK receiver Josh Malone on an interview to jog your memory.

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