World Cup: Bet $5 On the USA vs. England & Get $150 If You Pick The Winner

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole. Until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets.

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This is a personal game. This is about legacy. We beat England at its own game in 1776, now it’s time to do it in 2022. In a game where it’s America against England, I don’t know what to tell you if you bet on England. Maybe you should move there, drink their piss water, and eat their burnt toast.

So do the right thing: Sign up and get $150 back when Team USA Wins! (That’s $150 in addition to your winnings)

Now I won’t lie. England looks good right now. They won 6-2 in their opening matchup of the World Cup. But let’s take a look at who they were playing. Iran. Iran is nowhere near as good of a team as Wales is. And they sure aren’t as good as this United States roster. So what England racked up goals against Iran? That’s easy. Just wait until they run into the brick wall that is Tim Ream and Walker Zimmerman. Plus, for some reason, Harry Maguire still starts on the defense for this English team when he hasn’t touched the field for his club team in months. That’s like the United States starting Luke Kornet at the center for their Olympic team. Our forwards are going to have a field day.

The United States is coming off of a draw with Wales, in which they looked to be the far superior team. The only thing that kept Wales in the game was the absolutely horrendous reffing. The USA was given double the yellow cards that Wales was given and a third more total fouls. I’m not saying that we lost this game because of the ref, but that pull-down on Aaronson should have been a straight red on Wales. It also is promising to see the only goal the US has allowed so far in the World Cup has been a penalty, making it one of the few defenses that have accomplished this. And maybe this time Greg will sub in one of our better players Gio Reyna so he can actually help us win. 

England has gotten into a groove in which they feel they are gonna be the most dominant team in Group B by far. England doesn’t think they can lose. The USA needs to win this game in order for their dreams of reaching the knockout stages to continue. This sounds awfully familiar to a particular war that occurred a while ago, and we all know what the outcome of that ‘game’ was. Take the United States with a $5 Moneyline bet & get $150 back when the USMNT beats England!

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