World Cup: Bet $5 On the USA vs. Wales & Get $150 If You Pick The Winner

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The most important contest of group play for the US side is this opening match against Wales. And you are betting on America. You are on and clicked a gambling bonus offer link. You aren’t betting on anyone but the Red, White, and fucking Blue!

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Now, if you care to know something else, keep reading.

The United States Men’s Soccer Team is going through to the World Cup Knockout rounds. I don’t care what anyone says, this is our year. Wales and Iran can move out of the way there is no way we don’t finish at least second in our group.

The Welsh international team is just Gareth Bale, who, no offense to the MLS fans, is currently playing in the MLS. Besides Bale, this team has very few players with real promise. They have Dan James, who once was good when he played for Manchester United but is now on loan to Fulham from Leeds. Which in layman’s terms means he was sent from a good team (Manchester United) to a worse team (Leeds), who then sent him to an even worse team (Fulham). So yea, not the best look there. Not to mention the fact that the last time this team played other World Cup-bound teams they lost both of those games scoring only one goal in both of them.

Meanwhile, the US is only on the up. We have the youngest roster across any in the whole tournament, and that only plays into our fast-paced style of play. Our Captain, Christian Pulisic, currently plays for one of the top teams in World Soccer, Chelsea. He has already won himself a Champions League (think Super Bowl), in his short career there scoring a key goal during the campaign. One of our midfielders, Gio Reyna, is a key piece on a team by the name of Borussia Dortmund which is currently in the knockout stages of said Champions League. Gio is finally back from a series of injuries and he is reminding the world exactly who he is. And a striker we are bringing by the name of Josh Sargent is one of the hottest strikers in European Soccer right now with 11 combined goals and assists in 19 games. Plus, no team matches our chemistry, these guys may be young but many have been playing together since they were in Middle School.

This US roster is hungry for the knockout stages and if we have any chance of making it there this is a must-win game, so expect the boys to leave it all on the field. This is America’s game to lose, bet on the United State’s Moneyline they won’t let you down.

Get $150 back when you bet $5+ on the USMNT, and get $150 back when they win!

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