World Cup: Bet $5 On The World Cup Finals & Get $150 If You Pick The Winner

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The World Cup Final. We made it. This is for all the marbles. The GOAT against the future of soccer. Records being set, hearts being broken, tears being shed, and beer drinking….oh wait, I guess we’ll have to do that last part here in the United States for all those poor souls trapped in Qatar without any. This game is going to be an absolute heavyweight slugfest. These are two absolutely real teams, and this game will not disappoint by any stretch of the imagination. But this is it for Messi. This is his chance for a perfect soccer career. He will not lose this game, and France will not repeat as champions.

So do yourself a favor and bet on Argentina with a $5 Moneyline bet & get $150 back if you pick the winner!

Now that that’s all out of the way let’s do this: France is a juggernaut in world soccer right now. To say otherwise would just be lying to yourself worse than I do when I tell myself I’ll do extra cardio tomorrow to offset the number of liquid carbs that I’ve consumed in a night. Kylian Mbappe just cannot be stopped right now. He has five goals and is tied for the golden boot race with guess who? Lionel Messi. Mbappe is simply faster than every defender in the world right now, and he has been abusing that pace by just pushing the ball down the sidelines and beating everyone else to the ball. Not to mention that this French team also has the guy who holds the record for most goals for the French National team on it currently in Olivier Giroud. And the French keeper Hugo Lloris has been putting on a masterclass in goalkeeping these past few games. But there is one thing that this French team doesn’t have. 

Lionel Messi. He is the GOAT. He has been looking like he’s in his 20s again in this World Cup. The final goal that Argentina scored against Croatia was just disgusting from Messi. He went one on one with what many believed to be the best defender in this year’s World Cup and made him look downright silly. I mean, you can’t stop this guy no matter who or what you throw at him. He is the other half of the current tie for golden boot winner of this year’s World Cup, and you know that he has his sights set on securing it during this year’s final. It also doesn’t hurt that Julian Alvarez, who is in many aspects Messi’s partner in crime on this Argentina team, has been in top form recently, securing himself a brace against Croatia in the semifinals. 

I know many are saying that France is the defending champions, so they have more experience, and this is finally the year where the official passing of the torch happens between Messi and Mbappe. But that all doesn’t matter. Messi isn’t ready to hand over that torch just yet. Messi is hungrier, Argentina is hungrier, and Argentina is going to beat France to win the World Cup this year. So make some money, and take Argentina with a $5 Moneyline bet & get $150 back if you pick the winner!

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Written by Warren Loukota


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