Barstool’s Big Cat Enrages Swifties

Taylor Swift fans were not ready to be in the center of the NFL media. In addition to fending off lazy jokes with Taylor Swift song lyrics from the Colin Cowherd’s of the world, there are trained professionals that are now putting their work into getting under the skin of Swifties everywhere. No one is doing this better than Barstool’s Big Cat.

Big Cat recently said on his Pardon My Take podcast that he refuses to believe the two stars’ relationship is legitimate. He thinks the public needs to see proof of them physically engaging in sexual activity of some kind. He then encouraged them to make a tape together to solve this problem for everyone. Naturally, Swifties have become enraged about this, but none more than Snow White actress Rachel Zegler.

Rachel Zegler responded to Big Cat’s comments with a series of tweets complaining about his cruelty to Taylor Swift. Among the tweets, she stated that the media feels free to talk about women, their bodies and their sex lives. She also claimed that you will never see someone in the media speak that way about a man. I find this ironic, since Big Cat was talking both about Travis Kelce as much as he was Taylor Swift.

Zegler has become famous recently for her upcoming role in the new woke Snow White movie. It’s no surprise to see her feel the need to make such a big deal about one of the most sarcastic people on the internet. She can try to make this a point if she wants, but by doing it someone who will literally never take her seriously is a waste of breath.

Even the Swifties who are too young to know what actions Big Cat was referring to were offended. The NFL media is an animal that Taylor Swift’s fans were not ready for it.

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