Best Pickup Lines to Use on Classmates

I think the ultimate dilemma in college is the fact that guys don’t see more girls anywhere in their life than they do in class, but social practice says it’s not right to shamelessly hit on your classmates. The key to properly hitting on classmates is subtly, combined with undeniable cleverness. Here are the five best pickup lines to use on a classmate that combine both of those elements into one romantic introduction.

“Do you want to study together sometime? I often do it alone in bed with my shirt off, but you are free to join if you want?”

This is a very casual way of starting the flirtatious game of ping pong with your classmate. This cuts right to the chase, and saves several steps. Also, the studious nature of your question likely boosts your attraction rating by two points.

“Do you want to get out of here?”

Oftentimes, this is said to a girl you are already flirting with. In this case, it can be used as a direct way to skip to the end of the conversation. She will likely respect that you got your point out quick enough to leave her notes undisturbed.

“Margot Robbie never answered my DMs. Do you want to accompany me for my reservation for two at the Olive Garden.”

It shows her that she is next in your eyes after the most beautiful actress alive. Not bad. Also, who says no to unlimited breadsticks?

“You know, you’re way cuter than our professor.”

This was a goldmine of a pickup line in my Freshman year accounting class. Mr. Grasso was quite the looker, so girls knew this was a prestigious compliment to receive.

“Can you lend me a pencil, or perhaps a sexual favor?”

The pencil question is your foot in the door. Once you have their attention with a reasonable, expected request, you can drop what you really want to say. It’s also nice because all they have to do to reject you is give you a pencil. Side note: I have acquired forty-nine pencils, and three pens since I’ve started trying this method.

“Do you come here often?”

This one is undeniably hilarious. Just make sure you say it to someone with good attendance so they don’t think you are judging them.

“I totally missed what she just said. Do you want to come back to my place for some physical disappointment after this?”

This is as honest as it gets. If you nail the tone, they might find it funny. Either way, they will have no one to blame but themselves if it works, and turns out to be true.

“I can do eleven pull-ups over the course of twenty-four hours.”

This is the best way I can think of to frame my lack of athleticism in a positive way. I’d imagine most girls would find this statement at least partially attractive.

“It’s so hard to pay attention in this class, especially because that shirt looks fantastic on you.” *obviously take a picture of them with your phone*

My dad always taught me that you could get onto anyone’s good side with a compliment. This one is relevant to your class, and very kind. Also, when you double down by taking a close up of her chest, she will know you meant it, and be thoroughly flattered.

“Who cares about Economics? Do you want to practice Biology together?”

This is another way of using, “studying” to your advantage. This way, you can demonstrate that the two of you can help each other, it just won’t affect your GPA positively.

“Can I take you to the dining hall after class? Your swipe is on me.”

This is just pure chivalry. This is the best way to romance a classmate, in my humble opinion.

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