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Chosen Rosen Is No More As He Was Waived By His Fourth Team

Days are very boring. If you’re in school, you wake up still drunk, half-ass your way through class, eat whatever food the $12 in your bank account will allow, and then get hammered while being happy to bring home a 4. If you’re out of college, you wake up 10 minutes before you have to leave for work, race to work, work all day while you think of the thousands of ways you could make money instead of being at this shit hole, get home and stare at a fridge full of food that you know you don’t want to make, you instead grab a hot pocket, nuke it, crack open a beer, and watch the game. For the most part, days are all of the same. Today was another normal day for Josh Rosen after the 49ers cut him.

The Cardinals first selected Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick. He was so great that he led the Cardinals the next year to the first overall pick. Kyler Murray was the consensus first pick, but there were questions about whether it was a good idea to draft a quarterback after taking one the year before. Arizona said fuck all of that, picked Murray, who was 1000% the correct choice, and sent Rosen to the Dolphins. Once again, the combination of Rosen and Fitzpatrick led the Dolphins to draft Rosen’s replacement. Tua was selected with the 5th pick, and Rosen was sent off once again. Nobody wanted Rosen as Miami couldn’t find a trade partner, and on September 5th, he was waived. He then signed with the Bucs practice squad. So does Rosen have a ring before Baker, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson? It doesn’t matter if you’re the person who doesn’t contribute to the group project; if the group gets an A, you get an A. Rosen didn’t finish the entire season with the Bucs since the 49ers signed him on December 23rd after Jimmy G’s injury. But hey, he contributed something to the Bucs success, maybe? This brings us to the present day, where the 49ers waived him.

Rosen has one of the most punchable faces in the history of the NFL. This is a dude you see hammered at 3 in the morning trying to bum cigs from people. Once you tell him no, he instantly wants to fight and thinks that his daddy’s money will make him win in life.

He is the cockiest person who doesn’t back it up to go along with his punchable face. Imagine saying these things and then being bounced around the NFL like a Juul at an underage party.

If you’re a big Rosen fan, first of all, what the fuck is wrong with you? Did you go to UCLA and love drunkenly screaming Chosen Rosen from the stands? I don’t see Rosen getting a 5th chance to be a quarterback, and soon enough, you might go to your local Ford dealership and see Rosen trying to sling used F-150’s.

Written by Mailman Dave

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