Eight Reasons Not to Drop Out of College

At the beginning of every fall semester, there are two types of college students: those who are seriously considering dropping out of college, and freshman. Every experienced college student has weighed the pros and cons of leaving college, but most of us stay in whether we like it or not. Here are some reasons not to drop out, in case you need to give yourself a reminder. 

Once You Stop Acquiring Debt, You Have to Pay It

This one is important. As long as you are still building on your pile of debt, they can’t expect you to pay it back. Once you leave, those people start asking for money. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a problem for me in the future. I have no plans of making enough money to make student loan payments, so I’m just going to keep taking money from the bank.

Discounted Hulu

Hulu offers a deal for college students to pay $1.99 a month for a package that normally costs $7.99. As an It’s Always Sunny fan, this monthly six-dollar saving is a justifies the tuition in my book.

Talking to Relatives

Let’s be honest, your aunts are judgmental. And mean. Mine are fine, but yours are no good. If you drop out, you better miss every family event for the next few years, because you won’t want to talk to them. Even a meaningless college major­–take Communications for example–can get you past a horrible conversation with your relatives. Their line of questioning about your drop out would be worse than any lecture you’ll ever sit through. 

Free Access

I know what you’re thinking. Free access to what? Everything. Proof of being a college student and a friendly greeting is enough to get you into most places. Despite the many free resources provided in your overpriced tuition, the real value is found off your college campus. Show up at places and say you are there for a school project and see how much free stuff you can’t get. 

One of Your Future Professors Might be Hot

This is great for two reasons. You will enjoy going to class. Also, you might actually pay attention enough to learn something for once. Stay in just for the potential of this. 

It Justifies Being Broke

Once you leave college, you are living on the border of poverty. While you are in school, you are just a broke college kid. It’s a much more charming title. It also one that justified bringing a girl home to a disgusting house.  

Library Speed Dating

So many girls are trying to study at the library. Hit each with a pickup line, they will either fall in love with you, or go back to their books. This means your rejection will be swift, and followed with more options. The library is a better place to meet girls than any frat on campus. 

It Frames Alcoholism Positively

Alcoholism in college is described as a social life. That’s pretty awesome in my book. That being said, the same social group and activities that you maintain as a junior in college is considered alcoholism for a twenty-year-old. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it is. 

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