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Hot Take: It’s Annoying As Fuck Seeing Isaiah Thomas Highlights

Isaiah Thomas the king of the 4th quarter, the biggest underdog story, the last pick in the 2011 draft, etc. This has nothing to do with Thomas as a man or really him as a basketball player. His run in 2016-2017 with the Celtics was amazing to watch as a basketball fan. Watching him score 33 points in game one vs. the Bulls a day after his sister died in a tragic car accident was courageous. How Boston traded him after he gave it all for that franchise was a stab in the back; watching him struggle with injuries and bounce around the league was frustrating. With all that being said, ESPN and basketball media in general, can we not have daily updates on Thomas playing in amateur games.

“Did today we will be talking about for decades” Is Jamal Crawford drunk? Thomas is only 32 years old, is still in great shape, and is a great athlete. He’s playing against random dudes who have to wake up at 7 tomorrow to work at a job they hate. He’s not out here playing against prime Jordan. We don’t talk about the random dude who puts up 50 at the YMCA.

I like how they clarify that it was a pro-am game cause that makes it sound more legit. These are the rosters for the pro-am.

I pride myself on knowing a lot about basketball. Shit, I can name every starter on all 30 teams, and I know 4 people on these rosters. Every time Thomas scores a layup, we don’t need an update from basketball media. I rather see highlights of young upcoming stars than a guy who doesn’t deserve to be in the NBA. He had his time where he shined, but a 5’8″ point guard who had major hip surgeries and can’t guard my fat ass in the paint doesn’t need entire mixtapes made while he’s playing against washed-up basketball players.

There it is, rant over. I’m not saying I didn’t love what Thomas did in the NBA, but can we simmer down on showing every basket he makes in leagues that don’t matter. I know that he’ll probably be signed to a team, and it’ll be made into a huge thing, especially when he’s cut, but for right now, simmer down now.

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Written by Mailman Dave

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