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It’s Now Time To Burn The Entire Kansas Football Team To The Ground

Around a month ago, I wrote about the embarrassment that the Kansas State football team was after the team did this Tik Tok.


If you like football guys hit my boys up #football #d1

♬ original sound – Prince Abhishek

Well it looks like their rivals Kansas has stepped up the game, and made a worse video.

There’s nothing wrong with pumping up your guy friends. Sometimes a dude needs to be told that they look good to raise their confidence from 0.1 to 0.2. For a football team, though, we are told constantly that when football players go onto the field, they are going into battle, they are fighting a war, and that they’re gonna kill motherfuckers. Telling your buddies that they are cute, have a fat ass, or are sexy doesn’t give me a badass vibe. I don’t want to sound like an old man yelling at the clouds, but this is what I want from my football team.

I know that I’ve used this video before, but it’s the best pump up video on the planet

That’s the Lord’s son Tim Tebow giving a great pump-up speech. It doesn’t get more PC than Tebow, and he’s getting the boys riled up. I don’t think Tebow is walking around telling his teammates that they have a fat ass on picture day.

If I’m going to talk about being passionate and pumping up the team, I have to mention my favorite Eagles of all time, Brian Dawkins, and of course, Ray Lewis gets the people going.

If I were Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Baylor, or TCU at the beginning of the game, I would be going up to every player on Kansas and telling them how cute they look. I would mock them every time I line up against them. You score a touchdown on a cornerback; tell them how sexy they are. Make a big hit tell them they are cute. I wouldn’t let the chirping end even after the game ended.

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