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My Coworker Is Going Viral And It’s Insane

Total Frat Move is owned by a company called Savage Sports, not like in the 2017 Fortnite way; my boss’s name is actually Sam Savage (please feel free to connect with him on Linkedin and tell him that if he doesn’t give me a raise a Jan. 6th situation might happen at our office). As the guy that’s been writing for TFM for the longest time since it moved from Grandex, I was offered a full-time position at Savage Sports instead of being on a subcontract for writing and creating content for just TFM. So, at this point, I work across the company’s entire portfolio. Every day is something different, from writing ED ads to blogging a million fucking times a day for different sites. Last summer, my bosses bought this brand called Moonshot, run by some Philly guy named Kenny McAndress. Kenny runs a Discord community called Moonshot that specializes in hitting the craziest parlays I’ve ever fucking seen. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Because he’s an Irish guy from Philly, I thought he might have been a con artist. After all, I’m pumping out blogs all day, and this guy is stuffing his face with Wawa hoagies and curating bizarre action. But this season, he’s made many a man in discord rich, making national headlines along the way.

He’s the fucking modern-day Billy Walters. And now, he’s done his craziest stunt yet. Because of how many people in the Moonshot discord take his action, he’s moving betting lines (before and after he put this in his Discord).

He hits parlays like they are NFL wives in an elevator alone with a running back. Check out his discord here.

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