The 3 Best Things About College Move-In Weekend

Fellas, we’ve made it. The dog days of summer are finally over. It’s almost time to start the fall semester, but prior to the first day of classes we’ve got move-in weekend. Sure, lugging a bunch of furniture and clothes into your new home isn’t always the most enjoyable, but it really doesn’t matter because we’re back. Here are the three best things about move-in weekend that you should thoroughly enjoy before your 8:00 am class Monday morning. 

1. Seeing the Boys

I know this is obvious, but it still should be addressed. If you go to an out-of-state college like I do, you might not get to see the boys from school all too often during the summer. So, the first weekend back is always electric. Even the fringe guy is exciting to be around. The first weekend back isn’t really a time to try and get with a bunch of chicks. You’ve got plenty of other weekends for that. Rather, you and the boys should definitely hit a mean blackout on that first Friday night back. It’s actually mandated by law to do so. 

Even if you don’t hit the bars right away, watching some NFL preseason while getting hammered will also do the trick. In fact, you might prefer easing back into drinking prior to the first two-dollar Tuesday of the school year. I know for a fact that everyone’s tolerance in August is way lower than your tolerance come Halloweekend – but there’s no shame in that. Sometimes, you just need to be smart and work your way back up to your prime. Remember – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

2. Going to [Insert Favorite Campus Restaurant Here]

Everyone’s got a favorite campus restaurant. Whether it’s a late-night pizza joint or a cheap wing shack, it would be a crime not to satisfy the cravings you’ve had all summer long. However, not everyone has the same favorite spot as you do. Be ready to defend your position with solid evidence as the first meal back will definitely spark some heated debate. Nothing is off the table – even the places that you only go to when you know your parents are paying. Everyone’s bank account always looks pretty solid during that first weekend back, but remember that the DoorDash fees add up quickly. Just keep that in mind when you go to order the fifty-dollar steak. 

Obviously, there will be a lot of cheap options that are still fantastic on your college campus. Nothing’s wrong with getting an eight-dollar extra-large pizza delivered to your house after crushing a thirty rack with the fellas. In fact, everything about that situation seems right to me. 

3. Setting Up Your Room

After living in a dorm for your entire freshman year, the change of scenery in a new room is always nice. Sure, you might have to share your room in the frat house with a couple of other dudes, but at least you like these dudes. All of you can deck out your room in pretty much any way you want to and there are no worries about making accommodations for your JROTC freshman roomie. TVs, flags, stolen stop signs, bongs – the whole shebang. Although you might eventually get sick of your cramped room during the school year, move-in weekend is always super exciting because you haven’t quite yet seen the reality of your undesirable living situation. Enjoy it while it lasts, my friend. 

I hope everyone has an amazing first weekend back at college. I would say take it slow, but we all know that no one is going to do that. However, it doesn’t really matter since syllabus week is a complete joke anyways.

Written by the godfather

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  1. There may be other weekends to meet the ladies, but it doesn’t do any harm to head over to one (or more) of the ladies dorms and help them move their stuff in. They will be thankful for the extra hand and their Moms will give you an idea of what they may look like down the road. Oh, and ALWAYS do this wearing your letters. (Go Snakes!)

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