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The Best App For College Football Season Is Ranked

With football season right around the corner, you need to get everything in order. You need to get gambling funds, fantasy teams drafted, beers in your cooler, wing spots found, and apps installed. You could download ESPN or Bleacher Report and get bombarded with what new haircut LeBron got, updates on Colin Kaepernick, what Tim Tebow is up to, and slow updates on games. You know what app won’t give you stupid drama that you don’t care about is Ranked.

I love college football, but I have to work 90% of Saturdays, so it can be hard to keep up on the sport. The post office has rotating days off where I only get a Saturday off every five weeks. Never mind about that shit hole. The point is it’s hard for me to keep up with College Football. While I’m at work, you are getting drunk at 10 in the morning. I know you’re watching some of the games, but as the beer and liquor start flowing, you’ll start getting hazy on who won and lost. So to find out what you missed while grinding on a 4, puking your guts out, throwing dice, and funneling beers, you need to download Ranked.

Ranked has everything that the college football fans needs. They have the basic shit of scores of each game, AP and USA Today polls, the standings of each conference, both the West and East, and you can compare players. For the schedule, they have a cool rating system called matchup rating. I know you want to watch every game, but I doubt your living room looks like Buffalo Wild Wings, so you’ll only have one tv at your disposal. You need to have a great game playing on that one tv. You can’t have a Georgia Southern vs. Gardner Webb game on because one of your roommates hooked up with a chick who transferred to one of the schools. With the matchup rating, the app will tell which games are must-watch. Anything over a 3.1 qualifies as a good game. They use an algorithm that figures out the matchup ranking better than your dumb-ass friend screaming at you to put on a different game. Listen to the smart computer system and not your idiot friend.

With the dozen streaming options, it can be hard to figure out which game is where. Maybe you have some money on a random Sun Belt or Mountain West game, and you need to watch that game so you can sweat out -11.5. With Ranked it’ll tell you where exactly the game is being broadcasted on, and if you only have ESPN+ for some reason, you can sort by the network. No more guessing where games are being played, and you’re getting pissed with your tv that you can’t find a game.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need for College Football season easily accessed with one app? No more jumping from multiple apps where they freeze or force quit on you. It’s only Tuesday now, so download this before you’re hammered on Saturday. When you wake up hungover and still drunk on Sunday, you’ll have everything you need right on Ranked to find out what you missed yesterday.

All of the links that I provided are for people with iPhones. If you’re one of those people who still have green bubbles, here’s the link for you. Android Link

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