The Best Things About Syllabus Week

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School started around the country for many colleges and universities, which also means that there will be a lot of “Hi, my name is …..” and “My favorite color is ……” But that also doesn’t stop it from being the best week in all of college, besides the week after you graduate.

Going Into Class For 15 Minutes – The best thing about going to class for the first day is your professor wants to be there as much as you do. I went into a class today and was in there for not even 10 minutes before he said “Yeah, go ahead and I’ll see you guys next week.” It really is the greatest to be able to say you went to class, but only spent 15 minutes there.

Seeing If You Have Any Potential In Your Classes – As a college-aged male, I can confirm that every guy does this as soon as they step into a lecture hall, Scope out potential, hit up the Canvas class roster, and attempt to make some connections that you could drunkenly text on a Tuesday night.

Boozing – If you’re gonna choose a week to be a degenerate, it is probably syllabus week. There is no better time to blackout during the week than Syllabus week. Go to class, scope out the prospects, and head home and play some dye with the boys.

It’s Not A Serious Week – You know how I mentioned that professors don’t wanna be there? Yeah, take advantage of that. Perfect for midweek parties and not having to worry about tomorrow. Also, there are practically no responsibilities.

Written by TFM Stelly

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