The Hollywood Strikes are Ending After the Writers’ New Deal

After 146 longs days on the picket line, the writers have finally agreed to a deal with the studios to return to work. The deal still needs to be signed by two different subgroups of the Writers’ Guild, but this agreement marks the beginning of the end of this holdout. This means that screen writers everywhere will be returning to work, and Drew Barrymore can end her boredom with a clear conscience.

The Writers’ Guild made a statement about how they felt the deal met all of their needs, and offered writers safety in every area of concern. This strike had made it clear how much the profession was struggling, and this is great news for the creators of our favorite content. It’s also exciting for people who wanted to hear when season four of The Boys is coming out. 

Despite the agreement, the strike is still active, and the writers stated that they weren’t going back to work until the studios also agreed to a fair deal with the Screen Actor’s Guild. This likely means that we are looking at the light at the end of the tunnel for this labor hold out, but we aren’t quite at the end yet. 

Fortunately, the industry has had enough backlogged content to get us to this point in the content freeze-out, but the effects of this are about to get real. People will lose houses, studio execs will lose jobs, and we will run out of stuff to watch. 

A true end to this strike needs to happen soon, and after this it likely will. The only people rooting against it are the picket sign salesman in Los Angeles.  

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