The Male Wardrobe

As I pack for my upcoming Spring Break trip I wrack my brain for blog ideas. I’ve got the writing bug back and raised some expectations so it is time to Stand and Deliver. Great movie by the way.

Something hits me as I pack my favorite three pairs of pants and two pairs of shorts. Man, I really just wear remixes of the same five outfits.

Now, as much as I wish more girls cared what I have to say, I’m fairly certain the vast majority of my readers are male which I have accepted. Sup boys?

The struggle I have is a common one among us men and as hot boy summer approaches, I have taken it upon myself to raise the standard and lead by example. Let’s shake it up this year fellas.

As much as I love $7 graphic beer t-shirts from the Marshalls down the street, we owe it not to the ladies, but to ourselves to step it up. Have you seen the way dudes from Europe dress? Are we really going to let ourselves be outdone like that?

This semester I resolved to (mostly) ditch the sweats, minimize hoodies, and if I’m going out try and wear a shirt with a collar. Khakis, linens, jeans, anything that shows a little effort goes a long way and I actually get compliments on my outfits sometimes. Mostly All from dudes but still!

So moving forward, lets buy some shirts that require hangers and pants that need to be air dried. Sure quality clothes are more expensive, but you get what you pay for and these won’t have holes in them after five washes.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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