The Ugly Trevor Bauer Case Is Becoming a Twitter Fight

You likely haven’t heard Trevor Bauer’s name in a while. After he was accused of sexual assault in 2021, he was given a 324-game suspension from the MLB. The two year suspension marked the longest domestic violence punishment the MLB has ever given. It also marked the amount of time it would take for Bauer’s case to end.

Bauer recently posted a video at the end of his trial. It is framed like a typical YouTube apology video, except Bauer does anything but show remorse. He lays out the evidence he had to show that his accuser, Lindsey Hill, was targeting him, and that he never assaulted her. The evidence shown looks good for him. The problem, is that Trevor Bauer comes off like a smug brat in the video. It’s also how he’s presented himself for his entire career.

Now to really make this legal dispute feel like online beef involving Mr. Beast, Lindsey Hill made a video in response to Bauer. In the video, she explains her side of all of Bauer’s evidence. This included a message she sent to her friend where she refers to Bauer as her, “next victim.” She claimed that she’s simply fond of joking around, and admitted it was simply her attention seeking behavior. Basically, this woman is airing out her personal flaws over her case against Bauer.

I won’t make any comment on the actual case. I know what the evidence makes it look like, but I’ve learned that it’s likely an opinion I want to keep to myself. What I do know, is that the two sides of a sexual assault case being plead on the internet is a wild development.

Legally, Trevor Bauer is innocent. For all intents and purposes, he is good to start pitching in the Major League again next season. The problem is that he was already struggling to hang on. He was nowhere near the pitcher he once was, and this case gave the Dodgers the contractual out they so desperately wanted. It doesn’t appear that Bauer is making the shift from Japan to America as quick as Shohei did.

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