The years of Stacy’s Mom and Samantha Jones have led women to finally voice their opinion….. we <3 dilfs. I want equality for this subject. Boys, and emphasis on boys, think if girls are into older men it’s because they’re gold diggers. Yet, they love older women, and we don’t question it. Stacy’s Mom did have it going on and we’re not upset about it! Just look at Nick Jonas. Do you think Priyanka knows what TikTok is?? Priyanka probably shops at Chico’s. Nick likes the older ladies. Nothing wrong with that.

So Today’s DILF of the day comes from the classic feature film…… What A Girl Wants

I’m not an idiot and I know Colin Firth is already known by the older generation as a heartthrob. I’ve seen pride and prejudice. However, similar to a stanky cheddar cheese, he gets better with age.

You probably know him from Mama Mia or Kingsmen. But do yourself a favor and watch What A Girl Wants.

If you do not know the film “What A Girl Wants”, starring Amanda Bynes, please educate yourself. Amanda Bynes goes on a journey to find her birth father. She finds him in London where they have a meet-cute with weird sexual tension. It’s a great film already because Amanda is in it. Also that cute British guy from Raise Your Voice is in it too. Anyways, great film.

What A Girl Wants? A dilf.

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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