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Men Are Not Your Friends!

Maybe I hangout around douchebags, maybe I attract trash, but unfortunately, this is the way the world works. At least this is the way the world works when you’re young, hot, and in college.

Men are not your friends. And even if they act like your friends, its because they secretly want to fuck you.

Let me clarify. It’s not like they are actively pursuing you with the intentions of having sex with you, but if the opportunity presented itself, they totally would. And unless they feel the same way about their “boys,” being friends with a group of guys does not make you “one of the boys.”

Now I understand that every circumstance is different, some girls actually have genuine guy friends. This isn’t targeted towards them. It’s targeted towards the girls who completely change everything they are and everything they stand for to impress “the boys.” Meanwhile, “the boys” just enjoy having a hot girl around that they may be able to get lucky with that night.

They are not your friends! You are not one of the boys! There is a 75% chance they talk bad about you when you’re not around. So why do you go through great lengths to impress them? Some of you even go as far to change your political views to be more conservative to impress a fraternity. Some of you sit around and watch your “guy friends” talk poorly about your girl friends. And even worse, some of you pretend to like beer. Grow up. I know the vodka cran is calling your name.

The good news is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. On this weeks episode of So I Was Like, (click here) we talk about how to recover from this. Because at the end of the day, there is no reason you should feel the need to change something about yourself, or put other girls down for male validation.

Written by Alyssa Schoener

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