5 Pairs of Shoes Every Frat Guy Needs

Deciding on what footwear to put on from choice of trainers.


Vans might be one of the most versatile pieces of footwear you could have in your closet. Everyone from the rich and famous to your college’s resident homeless guy rocks a pair of Vans. The biggest problem with Vans is keeping them clean. After one night out at your college town bar, your shoes can start to look like you spent a day in an oil field. That’s why you need to get yourself a pair of leather Vans. Warm water and a paper towel will take off virtually any dirt. This is the only sneaker that can last you through a year of going out, and it is hands down the most important shoe on the list. 

Stan Smiths

For all my short kings, Stan Smiths are a shoe that will definitely give you a couple of inches. They also play well with the ladies, considering there’s a very good chance they’re wearing a pair too. Similar to my reasoning for leather Vans, Stan Smiths can go from swamp shoes to completely white by just using hot water.

Dress shoe

If you’re going to be in a fraternity, that means socials, date functions, semi-formals, formals, and bull shit themes. Almost all of these will require you to wear some form of dress shoes, and I’m not talking about that plastic shit you wore to junior prom. Get yourself a pair of leather loafers or wingtips if that’s more your speed. Dress to impress because if you bring the right lady, you just might get blessed.


If your gonna live in a frat house, Crocs might as well be the number one shoe on this list. Whether it’s that Tostitos salsa on the floor of your shower or the spare nails scattered across your bedroom floor, Crocs are gonna keep you safe at all times when maneuvering through the frat house. Get yourself a crazy flavor like lime green or pink; don’t be afraid to express yourself.


Unless you’re hauling heavy lumber, leave the Timberlands at home. If you go to an SEC or Big 12 school, cowboy boots are a lethal shoe to have in your arsenal. For all my northern boys, a leather dress boot might just be the difference between whether or not that rocketship at the bar goes home with you. Boots like these bring guys up out of the minors and give them a shot in the major league.

Written by Brady White

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