5 Timeless Frat Party Themes

I love some of the ingenuity I see going into new party themes. There’s nothing like showing up in costume to a filthy basement covered in too many decorations to notice any mouse droppings. Throw in excess amounts of alcohol, and suddenly these themes can make a group of thirty guys at a division three school in Ohio make themselves feel like they’re in the SEC for a night.


This one is a classic. The beach is always associated with relaxation and drinking, which aligns great for a frat party. The beach theme has the most potential for decoration, even if it is just a bunch of sand and a few blow-up pool toys. It also encourages promiscuous clothing. This is always great, but invaluable for schools anywhere the Northern part of the country during the winter. 


General rule of thumb: basing your fraternity off of the one in Animal House is pretty much always a good idea. Maybe mess with your Dean a bit less, and leave out the stuff with the horse. Other than that, feel free to use these guys as frat role models. A toga party is a timeless look. It’s also a whimsical for puffy kings like myself to show off some skin, while basically being a thong bikini for guys who bench over 200 pounds. 

Frat Olympics

This is a great theme. There is something going on, some friendly competition, and mass consumption of alcohol. One guy is always going to make it his personal goal to hit the keg everytime he sees someone else do it, because he’s, “committed to the game.” Other than that, The Frat Olympics is a simple way to get everyone’s energy up in an outfit that poorly resembles a flag of a country you thought was fun to say.

ABC (Anything But Clothing)

This one isn’t as popular as the others on this list, but it should be. The concept is simple. You can wear anything except regular clothing. Some people will get smart, and create elaborate outfits out of towels, curtains, or Flex Seal. Other will cover their funny business with a trash can and call it a night. It’s a strange one, but bringing this theme out from time to time will show you some interesting creations. 

Robert DeNiro Party

This one was created by the classic 2014 comedy film NeighborsIn this one, you can dress up as a character from one of the many classic Robert DeNiro movies from over the years. In Neighbors, they do Taxi DriverMeet the Parents, and Jackie Brown. A quick look at his IMDB page would provide at least thirty more characters for people to choose from. This theme needs to officially be put on the map. 

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