Top 5 Frat Movies Ranked

Over the summer, you may find yourself missing your boys and top-tier lifestyle. If that ever becomes the case, nothing will bring you back to your happy place like watching a movie — a frat movie that is. If you need some good ones to get you back in the right mindset, here are the top five frat movies ever made.

5. American Pie: Beta House

If you like goat semen, you will love this movie. If you don’t, well there’s still a bunch of tits in it.


4. Neighbors

While this movie is from the perspective of geed-parents attempting to get a frat kicked off campus, it still has Seth Rogen, hazing, and wild party scenes. You get to see Rose Byrne’s boobs (they are big, not very hot, but still nips are nips) and a bunch of hot college chicks. The entire movie is filled with crazy antics from both Rogen and his adult friends, as well as Zac Efron and his frat star buddies. Best of all, there are outrageous pranks, homemade dildos, and a character named Assjuice. Must I go on?


3. Monsters University

“A kids movie can’t be frat!” Think again. Monsters University is not only a top-notch Pixar and kids movie, but it’s wildly frat. There may not be loads of drinking and sexual escapades, but the characters are spot-on relatable. Don Carlton is a middle aged blob who will remind you exactly of your chapter advisor. There is the pair of siamese twins that represents those legacies that no one really wants. And even a Charlie Day voiced character named Art who is just as crazy and energetic as the kid addicted to coke you have all been secretly monitoring.


2. Old School

Two words: Will Ferrell. Two more words: Vince Vaughn. One more word: hazing. If those five words don’t get you hyped up for this film, I don’t know what will. Two of the greatest comedy minds of our generation, plus Owen Wilson’s brother, come together to create a hilarious interpretation of middle-aged, non-college dudes creating their own frat. There is an 80-year-old Vietnam vet named Blue (he’s the boy), a blowjob class instructed by a gay man, and you even get to see Will Ferrell’s ass cheeks.


1. Animal House

If you didn’t expect this to be number one, you are not frat. Not only did National Lampoon break barriers with the raunchiness of this film, but there is no better depiction of fraternity life than Animal House. Toga parties? Check. Boobs? Duh. Alcohol? Chugged a lot. John Belushi belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of comedians and this is without a doubt his best work. Not only was he as fratastic in real life, but it ultimately led to his demise (may he rest in peace). Luckily, he was able to grace the world with this absolute masterpiece before he left us too soon. Pay your respects to one of the greats and watch this movie. You will never be prouder to be a frat star.


Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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