AFC Division Winners

Football season is upon us, and while the first game was already played, and boy what a game it was, this weekend’s games cannot come soon enough. In preparation for tomorrow’s first day of Redzone this season I’ve decided to let you all know which team is going to win which division in the AFC this season.

  1. AFC East – Buffalo Bills

If you disagree with this take not only are you lying to me, but you’re lying to yourselves. This team just dismantled the defending Super Bowl champions last Thursday. It wasn’t even close. Josh Allen somehow seems to be getting better. Stefon Diggs is still on the team. There’s another young receiver now Gabe Davis who apparently is also a solid receiving option, having split targets and yards with Diggs this past Thursday. And Von Miller seemed to be returning to his prime. This team is the easiest lock of the century for winning this division.

  1. AFC North – Baltimore Ravens

This is basically me saying that Lamar is about to prove to the Ravens why he deserves 230 million guaranteed dollars. This is a team that was top of the AFC last season until Lamar got injured. He is amazing, and his team, knock on wood, shouldn’t be absolutely broken this time around. Now the Bengals are legitimate threats to the Ravens, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they take the division from the Ravens. But I just believe in the Raven’s defense more. I think they’ll win it this year. 

  1. AFC South – Indianapolis Colts

This is another two-horse race division. The two teams that can win this division are the Titans and the Colts. The main difference between these two teams for me again comes down to the Quarterback. As much as Matt Ryan choked away a Super Bowl win with the Falcons he at least has made it to a Super Bowl. Ryan Tannehill is simply not as good as Matt Ryan, and because of that, I think the Colts win the division. I would even go so far as to say the Colts have the edge in most of the offensive skill positions as well. Jonathan Taylor is an absolute beast, even in comparison to Derrick Henry. And I think Michael Pittman Jr is about to have a breakout season. 

  1. AFC West – Los Angeles Chargers

I guess they say save the best for last and this is absolutely the best division. Hands down. But I think that this Chargers team is the most complete out of four complete teams. The Chargers have every big name on both the offensive and defensive ends of the ball, and not only that but this is the first time that they don’t have the Chiefs completely standing in their way. With the Chiefs a little bit weaker this is the Charger’s best chance to win a division that they have come so close to winning ever since Justin Herbert arrived.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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