Blind Man Kicked Out of a Gym for Staring

Technically, the title of this blog is wrong. This man wasn’t staring at anyone. But he was accused of doing just that in the middle of a workout. Toby Addison was attending a gym as a guest when a woman asked him if he liked the view. Apparently, the woman didn’t believe him when he said he was blind, and grabbed the manager anyway. He says he was swiftly removed but he doesn’t mind, because the people at his gym are cool with him making women feel uncomfortable.

I really felt for Addison, until I saw a picture of him working out. I don’t know how politically incorrect what I’m about to say is. But the woman was 100 percent right to respond the way she did. His eyes remain wide eye open when he lifts. And they appear to be gazing straight ahead at all times. 

Addison working out taken from his TikTok account, @blindtobes

The guy needs to invest in some sunglasses. Answering the question, “Are you on drugs?” is a lot easier than, “What are you staring at pervert?” If he was unable to adequately prove that he was in fact blind, he needs to be avoiding this type of situation as much as possible. 

Addison even acknowledged the culture of gym models and accusing creeps at the gym. He seemed to understand the full range of women who are actually objectified, along with the ones who call people out for something to post on TikTok. Despite this, the man is taking no precautions whatsoever. Have none of his friends ever told him to cover up his eyes, at least when surrounding himself with women in spandex. Or at the very least, get a seeing eye dog so you can spin these situations. Anytime a woman accuses you of staring, you explain your situation and let her pet your dog. That’s my definition of making your disability an ability. 

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