Darty vs Dager: What’s the Verdict?

Portrait of man bringing food to table during backyard party with friends on summer evening

One of the HOTTEST debates in college life (for some reason), what do you call a party during the day? Honestly I feel like it depends on where you’re from… as someone from Jersey and goes to school in New York, it’s always been darty for me. Darties are honestly my favorite, good weather, AND BOOZE? Day drinking is S tier. Bar nights are cool and all, but there’s just something about day drinking that I can’t get enough of. Remember, it’s not alcoholism until you graduate!

Not really a darty but they don’t have that shit on getty oh well

Nothing beats pulling up to the backyard and getting more sloshed than Marshawn Lynch while operating a motor vehicle, at 1 PM. I’ve only heard a few people call it a dager, but apparently it’s a huge argument to some people, so I had to address it. I’m pretty sure it’s a west coast thing, derived from “day rager” which like, I get it, but I just think it sounds funny. Doesn’t roll off the tongue like darty does. Day parties are superior though, because the opportunities are endless. If you’ve ever done a drunk slip n’ slide, you COMPLETELY understand what I’m saying. What’s more fun than that?

There’s not really much of an argument here due to the fact that it could really be both, but I just think dager sounds stupid. So, it’s darty. If you say dager, I’m sorry, but you’re just wrong. If you don’t like it, cry!

Written by tfmroto

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