Ducking Finally: Apple Fixes Autocorrect

After years of editing my speech to prevent me from using the most versatile curse word in the English language, Apple has finally stopped trying to prevent us from using, the f word. For years, iPhone users have had their usage of f*ck and its many conjugations changed into a cleaner word. This has resulted in a countless number of ducks and go duck yourselfs being sent in texts. No more, as we can ducking finally rejoice and celebrate because Apple has fixed this autocorrect mistake.

Honestly, this mistake is so iconic I’m almost going to miss it. Ok, that’s a total lie. I think the f word is the salt of the English language and I’m excited to use it with no speed bumps. Although I do find it amusing that all of us blue-text-bubble-people are coming up to the end of this part of our life. Ducking was such an iconic part of texting on an iPhone that I still think it should act as a euphemism for the f word, at least in a written setting. I think most people assume the f word is what is meant when they see the word “ducking.” We’re all too used to reading it for it to just be gone now.

As someone who writes several hours a day and isn’t allowed to type the f word, duck will still be a part of my vernacular. Don’t get me ducking started on that rule by the way. It’s pretty ducked up if you ask me. But I guess that’s why there are people above me who make a duck ton more money. It’s a ducked-up world we live in, but I can’t complain. My life isn’t perfect, but what the duck could I moan about. Things aren’t so ducking bad. Especially considering we’re allowed to send group chats whatever the duck we want to now.

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