Gigi Hadid Celebrates Her Daughter’s Birthday with a Bikini Pic

Gigi Hadid posted a birthday message for her daughter on Instagram, yet it was her fans who were given a gift. Hadid posted a picture of herself in a skimpy orange bikini at the beach, with her daughter playing in the sand in the corner. She posted the same type of message that every Facebook soccer mom would post on their kid’s birthday. The message being accompanied by Hadid’s beach body made it a lot less annoying. 

I’ve always thought the concept of a celebratory social media post for someone who won’t see it is pretty pointless. Hadid’s daughter isn’t going to hop on social media to drop a double tap, so it’s irrelevant to her. It’s the same reason that most people have no business posting a Mother’s Day Instagram story. The only time these posts are worth anything, is when someone hot is in them. It’s why Hadid gets a pass, and it’s also why so many Mother’s Day posts get a pass.

Hadid mentioned how co-parenting with her ex-husband, Zayn from One Direction, has been a challenge to her and her career. She claims to have half the time that she used to, and how she has been forced to seek out more meaningful work. I didn’t know meaningful work existed for a model beyond looking great and being paid handsomely for it. That seems plenty meaningful to me. 

While I’m here, I must tell you to read about Zayn’s issues with Hadid’s mom. He comes off as one of those people who can’t control their anger, or help being hilarious in the process. I can’t type it, but the insult he directed at Mrs. Hadid should give you a mild chuckle at least.  

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