5 Things Not To Say To Girls

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Stressed young married family couple arguing emotionally, blaming lecturing each other, sitting on couch. Depressed husband quarreling with wife, having serious relations communication problems.

For all the single boys out there in America, I wanted to make a comprehensive list of “Things NOT To Say To Girls” if you plan on trying to date them or just want them to “Netflix and Chill” with you.

“I Wish You More Like Your Mom/Sister/Friend.” – There is nothing that kills the mood faster than saying something like this to a female. I have also found that comparing a girl to anyone is probably just not a good idea in general. I once told my girlfriend she was a stink bug and I dealt with a cold shoulder for 2-3 business days.

“Who Are You Yelling At Right Now? I Can’t Tell With That Lazy Eye Of Yours.” – If this list was a “How to Get Slapped 101”, this would be the first overall pick by a mile. Nothing screams, “Slap Me”, like making fun of her lazy eye.

“Just Cause Your Lash Lady Messed Up, Doesn’t Mean You Have To Take It Out On Me” – This is an awesome way of telling her to “calm down” while also insulting her looks. I would not recommend this one in the slightest. Also, those eyelash extensions are not cheap. So not only will she probably be crying, she’ll also be broke.

“It’s YOUR Fault That You’re Upset, Just Get Over It!” – No better way to reassure a woman that you care about her feelings and problems than laying one of these down over text or in conversation. Not only will she hate you, she probably won’t ever talk to you again.

“$200 Leggings But $0 Gym Membership” – I really don’t think anyone would have the balls to say this to a girl, but it might end in your death.

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