Heidi Klum Defends Lingerie Shoot with Her Daughter

Heidi Klum and her daughter, Leni, have recently come under fire for a lingerie photoshoot they did together. The shoot was a campaign for an Italian lingerie brand called Intimissimi. People are angry that Klum would not only encourage her daughter to show so much skin, but that she would join her. Those people hate fun.

I don’t understand the hate people have for this shoot. Everyone involved got a ton of press from it. Intimissimi got plenty of views from the Klum’s and this campaign, which marked the first successful alliance between Italy and Germany. It also further introduced Leni Klum to the world as a model just as talented and beautiful as her mother. Most importantly, it gave me a chance to talk about Heidi Klum. 

Heidi Klum is the physical embodiment of perfection. Check her IMDB page if you don’t agree with me. She was literally cast to symbolize a perfect town in Parks and Recreation, and now she sits on a panel for America’s Got Talent in an attempt to distract every single performer. If that wasn’t her purpose on that show, why would they have Sofia Vergara next to her. It’s obvious.

The Klum family boasts the most successful parent-kid pairing since the Ken Griffey’s hit back-to-back home runs in an era where my dad was wearing short-shorts and looking for qualuudes. People should appreciate them for the genetic anomaly they are, and stop looking for reasons to get angry. 

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