How Do You Remember Jason Terry?

“Every camp, every clinic in America I go and talk to kids, they don’t ask like, ‘How did it feel to play 19 years? How did it feel to play with Dirk [Nowitzki] or win a championship? How did it feel for LeBron to dunk on you like that?’” Terry said.

For people near my age I remember Jason Terry as the streaky scorer who could get buckets. The first thing that comes to my mind is that Terry was the second best player when the Mavericks won the finals. I remember him getting a huge Larry O Brien tattoo on his arm before the Mavs actually won the finals.

The funniest thing that I remember about Jason Terry wasn’t anything that Jason Terry did. It was what JR Smith did. In the middle of a game JR just stopped defending, and let a wide open dunk to happen. All because he wanted to dap up Jason Terry who wasn’t even in the game.

For some they will always remember Jason Terry for getting dunked on by LeBron. What is the first thing that you think of when you think of Jason Terry?

Written by Mailman Dave

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